We have professional technical authors for writing the technical parts of the M&E O&M Manuals. We offer a full Mechanical and Electrical Operation and Maintenance Manual service that means that M&E clients can supply us with the bare minimum of information and have high quality manuals produced with as little fuss as possible. When you’re a contractor and need technical authors to prepare your O&M manuals, we can help.

As specialists, we will request the appropriate information from your suppliers and manufacturers, and then write up the documents in clear, simple language.

Once the project is completed, you can choose to store the manuals on Intelli-Scan for ease of reference in future.

The M&E O&M Manual service can also include production of the Building Logbook.

What is an O&M Manual

An Operations and Maintenance Manual, or O&M Manual, compiles all the information on the operation, maintenance, decommission, and demolition of a building. Although an O&M isn’t mandatory by law, it is often required after a project is completed or for contractor handoffs. Whether you’re a contractor or sub-contractor, this is how to create an O&M Manual.

When to create your O&M Manual

O&M Manuals are frequently associated with medium to large-size operations. It makes sense: the more people and processes are involved, the more critical an O&M manual is. However, we recommend starting your Operations and Maintenance Manual right from the get-go. It’s easier to be thorough in the beginning, and then add other info as the company grows.

To meet your contractual and professional obligations, you need to produce Operation and Maintenance (O&M) manuals.

We manage and collate all the necessary support information for you. Thanks to our experience, you can be assured that all the required information will be included.

To support the lifecycle of the building, the information is added to Inteli-Scan for ease of searching and updating. If required, we will also produce your O&M manuals in easy-to-navigate electronic format, and as hard copies.

On completion, we maintain original and backup copies of the electronic files which can then be updated or amended to include any further alterations and changes as required, this information can be added to our portal, Inteli-Scan.

What is included in an O&M Manual?

We’ve mentioned that an O&M Manual is a set of instructions. But which instructions are we talking about, exactly? Well, anything from the manufacturer’s documentation to job specs details, depending on the size of the building, equipment and client requirements. Think of the Operations and Maintenance Manual as a user guide, or a building owner’s manual.