Architecture & Design

In our first 46 years we’ve led and reinforced some of the most significant architectural accomplishments of their time. There is no other firm as involved and concerned in helping clients realize their vision and ambition.

We believe in well-built, high-performance, practical buildings that are able to disclose their essence and character through deliberate, affirmative design. At JP JACOBS INTERNATIONAL, architectural design is the practice of managing challenging interests: finding balance between program and cost, presentation and presence, possibility and agenda, motivation and rationality.

Importantly, we design with competence at the top of the agenda, ensuring the preservation of cost, time, process and environmental resources. By finding efficiency, we permit clients to invest pleasingly, in impact areas of development that pays a dividend to brand, to user experiences and for capital investors.

We believe all design programs benefit when we engage partners early, to define success with the full costs and considerations of development. This process is rich with candid conversations, thoughtful enquiry, attentive listening, and a sense of openness to new opportunity. Consequently, our approach is never impulsive. We intentionally design with respect for users, local culture, context, environment and budgets.