JP JACOBS PVT LTD became an independent company formed Years back, we’ve led with vision, contributing to many of the world’s most ambitious projects, iconic places, remarkable experiences and prosperous communities. And there is more to do. Our people are guided by a profound sense of purpose, with an abiding responsibility to those who experience our work. Our ambition is to plan, create, engineer and manage delivery of the environments essential to the success of clients and communities. And with these gifts we reward users and owners with prosperity, comfort, community, health, safety and memories.

An interdisciplinary firm, we offer an end-to-end planning & development solution through allied specialist firms: InSite, for inspired planning, urban design and landscape architecture, and; C-Quest, the quantity surveying experts.

We now Globally ranked, with offices spanning internationally , we draw from the expertise of professionals from over nations and experience from every major market of the globe. Our firm culture celebrates the strength of these individuals, compels engagement, fosters collaboration and recognizes mutual responsibility for success. In doing so, we’ve unlocked the creative potential and productive capacity of global expertise.

With world-class expertise – creative and technical – we help to realize buildings that are better because they are more useful and attractive to the people who own and inhabit them, more sympathetic to their context and more commercially sustainable.

Efficiency is a key concern. In response, our structural engineers and integrated design teams conserve materials in construction.

JP JACOBS PVT LTD assistance occupants connect, communicate and collaborate by embedding technology in buildings, and we help keep them safe with advanced approaches to security, fire, seismic, wind and lift systems design.

Throughout a building’s life, our facilities management and operations consultants make sure that it continues to work at its best.

JP JACOBS PVT LTD design teams can work together to deliver seamless sustainable building design, lead complex multidisciplinary projects or develop living and working spaces for whole communities.

We can deliver integrated architecture and engineering, or focus any of our specialists on perfecting a single building detail.


JP JACOBS PVT LTD value human wellbeing, and are discontented with limitations. We commit to taking this as seriously for our people as our projects.

JP JACOBS PVT LTD embrace mutual responsibility. It is easy to default to individual success. Teams need to share success and failure in the same way, and we are more than a business. We care about the legacy of our work. We have a responsibility of care as an employer and influencer in the shaping of the world.

JP JACOBS PVT LTD is determined to continuously improve as an organization, reflecting the varied cultures of the communities and clients we serve.

JP JACOBS PVT LTD approach to green building design takes into account the whole life cycle of the building, from the earliest stages of design through construction and operation to demolition.

JP JACOBS PVT LTD designing of building systems with the mark of green built system.

JP JACOBS PVT LTD work involves tracking a building’s post-occupancy energy, water, and thermal comfort performance against our predictive models, highlighting discrepancies.