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Job Description :

• Fully in-charge of Electro/Mechanical Project
• Ensure successful achievement of project mission statement and goals and be responsible for all day-to-day activities.
• Follow up with various departments within the company in all Project related matters of the operation of the Project.
• To ensure a successful completion of the Project within the budget and on time.
• Responsible for planning and scheduling of all major activities of the Project to achieve timely completion of the Project.
• Fully responsible for all contractual issues related to the day-to-day running of the Project.
• Responsible for managing a Staff/Labor in the project.
• To be overall responsible for overseeing and effective execution of all project related activities under the instructions of the JEM Management
• To determine all Project requirements (Technical and General).
• To ensure the timely submittal of all project submittals and obtaining approvals. (Samples, Shop Drawings, Design Details, Work Procedure, Method Statements, Schedules, Programs etc.)
• To arrange timely obtaining of all clearances, approvals, permissions, etc as may require from time to time from any of the statutory authorities during the execution of the Project.
• To schedule and plan all project activities in line with Master Program in co-ordination with the Planning Engineer.
• To receive all project related instructions from the Client, Engineer, Main Contractor, etc and transmit, communicate and arrange effective action in co-ordination with the JEM Management.
• To give all notices, etc to the Client/Engineer/Main Contractor under the instructions of the JEM Management.
• To attend all project related meeting with Client/Engineer/Main Contractor and reporting back to the Division Manager on the proceedings as well as to attend all project related meetings.
• Assignment of all project related activities to all resources.
• To evaluate the requirement of all project resources (materials, machinery, manpower) as per schedule and arrange for the availability of the same.
• Planning and scheduling of resources (material, manpower etc.) Resources Mobilization.


• Education: Bachelor of Science in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering
• Experience: More than 10 years of experience in project management
• Skills: Good interpersonal skills, Correspond to customers.
• have proficiency with word processing software as well as technical drawing skills,
• Leadership
• Negotiation Skills
• Knowledge: Contracts and related laws Project planning software’s AutoCAD Software’s

T & C Manager

Act as Engineer’s focal point for all MEP Testing and Commissioning aspects for the project in relation to testing plans, parameters and procedures, ensuring that testing and commissioning activities are consistent and coordinated.

• Responsible for monitoring the Testing and Commissioning activities and commitments from the Contractor and its Subcontractors by ensuring they are correctly implemented.
• Systematically review, assess and either approve or comment on the Contractor’s Testing and Commission documentation, ensuring that fully cover and comply with the Specifications and processes laid down in the Contract.
• Interface with domain experts from other disciplines.
• Obtain/record formal agreement of the Client to proceed with the stated Testing and Commissioning submissions.
• Liaise with Contractors on MEP T&C issues, and interface with Client on both a technical and contractual matters.
• Receipt, record, register/acknowledge receipt and reviewTesting and Commissioning technical submissions by the Contractor.
• Conduct, chair, minute and follow up on the actions arising from formal Testing and Commissioning review meetings,
• Conduct workshop reviews, together with Final Client, the Contractor and any Project Stakeholders and interface parties.
• Ensure the Contractor receives the necessary timely responses to his submissions in line with the overall Master Project Schedule.
• Issue all such Testing and Commissioning documentation, in summary form, to the Client for confirmation of no objection.


Experience in MEP Services and Systems implementation, in particular experience in covering Building Services, HVAC, BMS, Tunnel Ventilation, Smoke Control Systems, Specialist systems, and in Testing and Commissioning.

• Strong knowledge of MEP Systems in all aspects – design, function, installations, integration, testing and commissioning.
• 10+ years’ experience of Testing & Commissioning management processes in similar projects.
• Both Individual and Team Work skills
• Good communication and organizational skills
• Strong Leadership skills
• Extensive knowledge of International Codes & Standards, in particular British Standards [BS; BS EN; BS EN ISO], ISO; IEC; IEEE, NFPA, UFC; IPC, etc.
• Familiar with all current T&C requirements applicable to MEP Systems

T & C Engineers

Prepare T&C procedures; collaborate with Trade Contractors and with Vendors to develop detailed commissioning test and inspection procedures
– Assist for detailed T&C schedule development.
– Prepare/supervise preparation of test packs
– Schedule, coordinate, witness, and document commissioning tests, inspections, and operations
– Establish joint verification/validation inspection with Client teams
– Submit T&C reports for obtaining Client approval- Establish T&C logs for all works
– Coordinate subcontractor T&C activities.
– Compile commissioning test data, inspection reports, and certificates and include them in the systems manual and commissioning report.
– Coordinate with other project teams
– Prepare commissioning reports
– Assemble final commissioning documentation, including the commissioning report and Project Record Documents.
– Participate in design- and construction-phase coordination meetings.
– Monitor construction progress and identify areas for commissioning readiness,
– Evaluate performance deficiencies identified in test reports and, in collaboration with entity responsible for system and equipment installation, recommend and perform corrective action.

Different specialty requirement:

– T&C Sr. Engineer specialized in Plumbing, Drainage and Firefighting
– T&C Sr. Engineer specialized in HVAC works with Automation knowledge
– Plumbing T&C Engineer specialized in Plumbing/Firefighting works with Automation


– BSC Degree in Mechanical Engineer with 8-10 years of hand-on T&C execution experience.
– Solid experience on specification and method statement writing;
– Additional experience on HVAC and Automation, document management and subcontractor management will be an advantage.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

• Being the responsible Mechanical Engineer and reporting to the PM.
• Oversee a junior mechanical engineer and a mechanical inspector
• Advise the project manager of any technical aspects of the mechanical services that may affect construction progress, quality and the like.
• Continually review the contractor’s construction schedule during the progress of site works.
• Review Contractor’s installation method statements.
• Review Contractor’s shop drawings against the design [tender] drawings for compliance with the design intent and return to project manager with appropriate comments / approval.
• Review contractor’s mechanical shop drawing in conjunction with the structural and electrical engineers to ensure engineering co-ordination and advise project manager accordingly
• Review Contractor’s mechanical services material proposals against specified technical performance requirements and advise the Project Manager on the appropriateness of the proposals.
• Review Contractor’s proposed sub contractor(s) associated with the structural engineering works from a technical standpoint.
• Undertake general project site observation / inspection of the mechanical services works for Contractor’s adherence to the approved shop drawings and Consultant’s specification, good working practices, the construction schedule and health & safety.
• Be available to undertake off-site inspections of proposed equipment and materials as may be deemed necessary by the Project Manager.
• Undertake prior review of Contractor’s proposed mechanical system testing & commissioning methods and schedule
• Witness on-site piped system pressure test, air conditioning duct leakage testing and other testing that may be required during the first fix works and advise the Project Manager accordingly.
• On a spot basis witness mechanical system final testing and commissioning.
• Review and comment on Contractor’s testing and commissioning results and advise Project Manager accordingly
• Prepare on-going list of mechanical services defects for contractor’s remedial action.
• Undertake final project snagging and prepare list of defects for Contractor’s action.
• Attend project, site progress and any mechanical services related technical meetings as directed by the project manager.
• Prepare draft site / engineer’s instructions, relating to the building mechanical services, as required and issue to the Project Manager.
• Provide advice to the Project Manager in regard to any mechanical services related variation costs that may be claimed by the Contractor during the course of the works.
• Review and comment upon Contractors Operation and Maintenance manuals


• Chartered Engineer or Incorporated Engineer.
• Ideally Bachelors degree in Engineering (BEng) or Masters degree in Engineering (MEng).
• Significant relevant experience on site, ideally on large scale projects in the Middle East.
• Retail and mixed-use experience is highly desirable.

Senior Electrical Engineer

• Review and approve complete building permit documents and drawings (registration, planning, civil, installation, scheme) and Smart meters material of contracted and developers consultants for all building permit submission .
• Work in close collaboration with property management head, engineers, project managers and other team members
• Direct, monitor and regulate activities of contracted consultants and developers consultants engaged in preparing drawings and specification documents
• Conduct periodic on site observation of work and monitor compliance with quality agreements and building plans.
• Interface regularly with the Management, Contract Management and Project Management internal teams to provide electrical design input throughout the design and construction phases.
• Ensure that the electrical design is in line with any requirements of the local regulatory authorities.
• Review proposals regarding system design, installation, specifications, materials, and equipment .
• Provide guidance to contracted architects/electrical engineers & consultants to determine functional and spatial requirements of Electrical systems.
• Conduct periodic on-site observation of work during installation to monitor compliance with quality expected and approved building plans in coordination with control section team.


• 12+ years of progressive relevant experience in similar scale and complexity of projects with registration from MMUP
• Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from a recognized University.
• Ideal candidate will be working in a PMC organization currently or have worked within a Consultancy during their career.

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